Why “Pocket Cub” and not “Pocket Bear”?

The term “cub” and “bear” have different connotations to different people.  Some base it purely on age, others base it on stature and demeanor, and others on even more.

That question comes up to those who know me.  I’m in my mid (I was told I can’t use “mid” anymore) thirties and yet still use “cub”.  Why?

Well, I am only 5’5″.   Also, I tend to be a bit more reserved and quiet, at least until I get to know people.  When you think “bears”, you normally think big and outgoing (either in the wild or in the club).

So, for now, I am going to stick with cub.  But, don’t worry, I own both pocketcub.net and pocketbear.net (someone already grabbed the .com version for a completely different purpose).  If I switch, I’ve got my bases covered.

And, when I think of “pocket bear”, I think of something more like this (and that’s not close to me):


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