What’s this, what’s happening, what’s going on?

Also known as the obligatory “about this site”, or “about me”, but I like the way Karen Walker does it so much better.

I would would describe myself as a geek.  Along with that, I’ve tried so many times since the concept of Web Sites was born to create a website myself.  Usually with too much ambition and too little time, they didn’t last long.

However, with things such as WordPress around to make things a bit easier, I decided to give this a go.  Start simple and go from there.  Many of these things you see is something I didn’t feel like (re)posting on FB.  Some rants, some quirks, some pictures, etc.  If it  builds up, great.  If it’s a way I can spare my FB friends of some unneeded rants, good for all of us.

 So what about this “Pocket Cub”?

Well, that story can get rather long and will probably be told in some form or another through various posts.  However, I spent a long time trying to make myself to fit a mold.  Whether it be trying to stay in the closet or worked out until I dropped at the cost of more than I planned.  Eventually, however, I finally paused long enough to stop listening to preconceptions and see where the chips fell, and so it this is where things ended up.   That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped moving and evolving in an ever shifting environment and set of circumstances.  However, I am much more enjoying life and seeing where it takes me. I don’t (yet) have any PocketCub specific accounts on Facebook or Twitter, so anyone you see there with that name isn’t me.

Oh.. and here’s Karen….


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