The Stop Bullying Commercials – too much?

Dear StopBullying.Gov,

I completely understand the intent of your commercials in bringing to light the issue of bullying. However, these “real life bullying” commercials may have some unintended consequences.

As someone who was bullied growing up, every time these commercials pop up, they do nothing but bring back long buried memories that I’ve tried my entire adult life to move from.

For most others in the same situation, it may be an uncomfortable moment that can be recovered from in a matter of minutes.

For those that didn’t quite fully get past this, I’m concerned what triggers, hidden memories, or worse, _buried aggression_ this may surface.

How a grown adult may choose to act on this aggression could prove much worse than what we’re ready to deal with.

I’m wondering if the commercials are worth the risk.

For the last time, Marty doesn’t get here until 2015

Seems like every 6 weeks or so, we get a new posting that “today is the day Marty McFly arrives from the past” with some doctored photo.

For the last time… no, it isn’t, that is unless you’re reading this on October 21, 2015.

The Back To the Future series is one of my all-time favorite movies and every time I see this, I want to hit the roof.

More info and a clip from the movie can be found at Snopes.

Who said anything about “no guns”?

In the light of the most recent horrible incidents, of which Sandy Hook is the current focus, momentum has been increasing in regards to more gun legislation, especially in regards to more background checks.

This has some groups calling foul as it (further) restricts our Second Amendment rights. Let’s review that wording:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

(via ).

What people keep drawing attention to is the second half of that sentence. It’s the first half that we also need to look at: A well regulated Militia. Various SCOTUS rulings have worked to define what that means. Key thing here is that it’s not open-ended and needs some regulation.

I think we would most agree that we shouldn’t let people that need not possess a gun be blocked from doing so. The question is how. Unless gun sellers are also psychics, there has to be some way of having some level of vetting to make sure that it’s not super easy for guns to fall into the hands of those that shouldn’t have them.

That’s where background checks come into play. There’s got to be some way of having some front-line way that we can at least make it harder for those who shouldn’t be getting them.

I would find it hard to beleive that someone is touting this as anywhere close to fool-proof, especially if the Spring 2013 proposed legislation doesn’t include person-to-person. However, this would at least cover more scenarios. Just like if someone really wanted a prescription medicine that didn’t have a prescription could still get it if they really tried: The prescription check adds a layer of protection.

But the question is then how much of an undue burden this puts on a buyer having to go through that background check. As a recent video has shown, this may not take more than a few minutes: faster than it would take to get a prescription filled.

So, what I’m really scratching my head over is why is the NRA and others up in arms about this? No one is saying “no guns”. Just no guns for those that shouldn’t get them. I wouldn’t even call this a “slippery slope” (I’m so tired of that phrase) as it took decades to get to even this point. It’s anything but a slope, it’s been an uphill climb the whole way.

Silence and Respect

Many of us have seen this picture and have wondered what in the world is going on.

Coming from a family full of members who served our country, I am mortified.

I’m also torn between “Freedom of Speech” that those soldiers fought for versus “What in the F___ were you thinking?” By the part of her apology of saying that it “had absolutely nothing to do with the location” tells me they weren’t.

Should she lose her job for it? That’s dicey. Part of it depends on what her range of contact is with Veterans and if this causes any hinderance with her employer’s mission. She specifically will probably never live this down and this public humiliation may be a bigger punishment than anything else.

However, I have seen at least one person mention that she does work with vets (I haven’t seen confirmation).  If that is true, then I believe that would justify such an action.


Giving Thanks

For this day of giving thanks, I can’t help but thank those that have entered my life over the past 12 years.  It’s been quite the interesting journey.  I’ve met people that I never thought I would and my circles of friends is much more varied than I ever imagined that they would be.  I also thank my friends that have “put up” with me for one reason or another, new and old alike.  Changes are coming: 2013 will be interesting for sure.