Interesting PrEP Stats

Interesting stats to go along with my previous rants comments about the tendencies of some who think this is a license to throw caution to the wind.

At six months after initiation, 30 percent of PrEP users had been diagnosed with at least one sexually transmitted infection, or STI. At 12 months, 50 percent of PrEP users had been diagnosed with any STI,” the insurance company said in a statement.

Source: Men Who Took Daily Pill Stayed HIV-Free, Kaiser Permanente Says – NBC News

Zachary Quinto defends his controversial HIV comments

This goes in line a bit with a commentary I made some time ago about my concern that though there have been awesome strides made about combating and preventing HIV, it seem that there has been some complacency creeping in.   These concerns are in no way about shaming any group of people, but that this may give too much sense of security.  I feel people still need to remain vigilant, careful, and wise about what they do.

Actor Zachary Quinto has responded to the backlash he received regarding his comments towards gay men, PrEp and HIV prevention.

Source: Zachary Quinto defends his controversial HIV comments – Blogs – GayTimes

Study: Candy Won’t Make You Fat Afterall

A study funded by the National Confectioners Association finds, among other things: “Frequency of candy consumption was not associated with the risk of obesity”.

Um… pardon?  I always believe that moderation is key (and so does one of the comments in the referenced link) and that’s something that many doctors reference.  However, this is saying that there is no correlation between amount and added weight.

What’s interesting is that some people will actually hold onto this.  It amazes me how there are actually scientists, even among the tobacco groups, that will actually put their names on such reports.

I guess it does go into all in how the study is conducted.  Maybe they feel OK with “reporting the facts” of the study, even if the study itself was put together with an intended slant.





“Patient Zero” really wasn’t

“Patient Zero” was the term given to a Canadian flight attendant that helped spread the new disease around due to his, oh “overactive lifestyle”.

According to, this was more of a publicity strategy than an actual fact.  The said flight attendant did really exist, put probably not _the_ Patient Zero, if ever there was one.