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Semen ‘Is Good For Your Health And Helps Fight Depression’

Technically, the study was focused on women, but I have a feeling…

Semen is good for your mental and physical health, a study has found.Whether it enters the body orally or via unprotected sex, the “mood altering chemicals” contained within seminal fluid reduce depression, increase affection and help you sleep.

Source: Semen ‘Is Good For Your Health And Helps Fight Depression’

Homosexuality is Like Being a Dairy Farmer

This gay man had the coolest dad when he was growing up in the 1950s. In celebration of National Coming Out Week, Upworthy animated his story of his father teaching him to be comfortable with himself at an early age. His attitude is pretty amazing for the time period. He compares homosexuality to being a dairy farmer, but in, like, a positive and accepting way.

Source: A gay man got great advice from his dad when he was a teenager in the fifties. | Dads | Someecards

Study Says Sleeping With Your Friend Won’t Ruin The Friendship

… Dr. Damon Jackson … conducted research on the behavior of gay male friends with surprising results. According to Jackson, your friendship has a fighting chance, but it’s up to you to make it work.

Source: Study Says Sleeping With Your Friend Won’t Ruin The Friendship | The Aazah Post

Martin O’Malley gets the Twitter-verse swooning during debate

On a side note: I think this is the first time I’ve ever categorized the same entry as both “Eye Candy” and “Politics”.

Twitter sounded off on the sex appeal of presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley during last night’s Democratic debate.

Source: DILFy Martin O’Malley Makes Twitter Wet During First Democratic Debate